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At least six months notice is normally required. Wedding ceremonies can take place in Holy Trinity, Lockerbie or St Luke's, Moffat. They may also take place in St Joseph’s College Memorial Chapel (if either the Bride or Groom was a past-pupil or a current or former member of staff) or at The Crichton Chapel. Please note both these Chapels need to be booked through their appropriate authorities.

Please contact Father to discuss your arrangements and begin your preparation course.


Baptisms at Holy Trinity can take place on a Sunday during 9.30am Mass or in the afternoon around 3pm. They can also be arranged for a Saturday afternoon from about 12.30pm till 4pm.


Baptisms at St Luke's can take place on a Saturday evening during 6pm Mass or in the afternoon from about 12.30pm till 4pm. They can also be arranged for a Sunday afternoon around 3pm.

Baptism is an occasion for thanking God for the gift of your beautiful child and for gathering family and friends together to celebrate the new addition to the family. Through Baptism you dedicate your child to the love of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit and you promise to bring them to know and love God in return by living good Christian lives. God parents support the parents in these aims. At least one of the Godparents must be an adult who is a practicing Roman Catholic and the other(s) Christian in faith or outlook. It is not possible for a person of another faith or none to stand as a Christian Godparent.

Click here to download a Baptism Request booking form. Complete it and return it to Father by email or post. He will then be in touch to confirm the date, time and location. It is advisable to wait for this confirmation before making further plans. Father will get back to you as quickly as he can.


In our diocese the children are prepared to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation at primary 3 level. Please see the information below entitled Sacramental Preparation of Children.

Confirmation and First Holy Communion

In our diocese the children are prepared to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation and First Holy Communion at primary 4 level. The information below will explain how that preparation is done.



The Children celebrate the Sacraments of Reconciliation when they are of Primary 3 age and the Sacraments of Confirmation and Eucharist normally when they are in Primary 4 at school.

Their preparation in our area is a partnership with family and parish. Please contact Fr Jim when your child reaches primary 3 and certainly primary 4. Fr Jim will arrange with you to receive the preparation Project Books that you will work with your child at home with. About once a month Fr Jim will review the Project Book with your child after Sunday Mass and give some ongoing encouragment.

There is also The Saturday Club run as a preparation programme in Dumfries. If that suited your family your child could join that group and complete their preparation in that way, although they will receive their First Confession and First Communion in their own church. Confirmation will be received in a Deanery celebration organised by the Bishop.

The children will be encouraged and expected to participate in Mass each Sunday (or saturday vigil) during this preparation time so parents should plan to participate then. This participation might be in another Catholic Church other than our own as the time and place suits your family.

For more information please have a chat with Father.


Click here to downlaod the RCIC Registration Form for 2018 to 2019



Growing In Faith sessions are run throughout the year beginning from approximately September time till the end of June.

They take place as advertised in the weekly bulletin.

All are welcome.


If you are an adult (aged 14+) and you have been thinking about becoming a Catholic or interested in finding a little bit more about the Catholic faith then you are invited to register to take part in the “Growing in Faith” sessions as a member of the RCIA group.

To enquire about joining the Catholic Church as an adult please register for the RCIA course by having a chat with Father.


Click here to access the Registration Form to join the RCIA programme of preparation.