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Dumfries Royal Infirmary

The Hospital Number is: (01387) 246246

The Hospital Chaplain is:

Deacon Willie Hiddleston,

Tel: (01387) 264424

(Please call between 11am and 8pm to ask for a visit or inform of an admission or you may email anytime)


In an emergency please ask a member of staff to contact a Catholic Priest immediately. Pastoral care of patients and staff as well as emergency situations at the DGRI are the responsibility of the Catholic Chaplain, please get the Hospital to call the Catholic Chaplain rather than your own parish priest. Thank you.

For a routine visit whilst in Hospital ask a member of staff to place your name on the Catholic Chaplains list or give Deacon Willie a call or email him before you are admitted.

The Hospital only informs the Chaplain of RC patients if they receive a specific request for them to do so.

Of course a family member can do this for you.




If you are scheduled to be admitted to Hospital soon please let Fr Jim know so that he can arrange with you to receive the Sacrament of the Sick before your admission.